Desiree Saltkill

Desiree considers herself a student of life. Through much experience in trauma and chaos, she is grateful to have met many heroes along her journey who have helped her to heal and integrate. She is thrilled to share this—she has healed an inherited chronic illness. It is of utmost relevance to mention that in order to do so, she had to heal many layers of trauma to make room for her voice and really, truly, love herself. She is also very proud to have set a record as the first woman to pass the arduous work capacity test for the Search and Rescue School (SARSPEC I, II and III) in the Georgia State Defense Force, despite her aforementioned struggle.

Her ability to thrive is due to intuitive movement, nutrition, weight-lifting, yoga, meditation, shadow work, prayer, and shamanic energy work. The following sweet souls directly assisted in her healing and awakening: authors, Suzanne Winterton; Janet Sussman and Doug Mackie; shamanic practitioners: David Metz, Ellen Kittredge, and Jeff Firewalker through the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition and the Eagle Condor Council. Further initiations have included the Nusta Karpay, Nusta Blossoming, and the Teqse Nusta's through Suzannah Tebbe Davis and Ellen Kittredge. In more recent years she has studied Grandfather Tobacco healing through Jeff Firewalker and Prajna Ginty.

In August 2018, at her wits end in another trying time, she traveled to Peru with a colleague to pray with don Abraham Alberto Fernandez Santa Cruz (now her compadre) and don Reymundo. The most fascinating thing don Beto shared with her is that she was completely healthy and that her illness was derived from her mind. Ironically, a doctor shared this sentiment with her mother about her own debilitating illness two decades earlier which infuriated and baffled them. In this new context, with guidance to further integrate, the association was released. She now finds herself in dialog with her body and nature which maintains her health. She is excited to share what she has learned to assist people who are ready to get out of suffering.