We are people of diverse background and spiritual practice coming together in the spirit of solidarity, collaboration, healing and conscious change-making. The EC Council supports authentic community, sacred healing traditions, and earth-centered spirituality and earth stewardship. The EC Council is a living demonstration of the power of the Sacred Hoop Anchored in the cosmology and teachings of Peru and the Andes we build community and support diverse spiritual traditions through workshops, events, retreats, and pilgrimage.

The EC Council operates on the principles of self-organization, we are not hierarchical but rather seek to support collaboration that leads to meaningful programming and service.


Upcoming Events


We are thrilled to announce! One of our UK Eagle Condor students, Theo van Dort, has been putting his heart into an amazing creation -  a movie and 8 part Documentary Series featuring 85+ wisdom keepers sharing about the evolution of human consciousness, the global awakening and so much more!


Social and Environmental Equity Programs

The Eagle Condor Council strives to walk in sacred reciprocity (ayni) and right relations. We recognize what a  great privilege it is to practice and share the traditions and practices sanctioned to us by our teachers. We also acknowledge the ills and suffering caused by colonization and cultural appropriation. Our commitment is to help our teachers and their communities become more resilient so that their traditions and teachings are not lost. Golden Threads, is a living example of this commitment. 

As an organization, we seek to walk in right relationship with Pachamama, the living earth. As such, we recognize that as part of the industrial world we create harmful greenhouse gasses as a consequence of our work and travel. We have partnered with COTAP.org (Carbon Offsets to Alleviate Poverty) to help ensure that we are doing as little damage as possible to the earth’s ecosystems.


We are delighted to announce the launch of Golden Threads — Peruvian Textiles & Artistry, a venture headed by Lea Motlow, a beloved member of our community and teaching circles. Lea’s vision is to create a resource for mesa carriers and others who enjoy Andean textile art to purchase high quality products at a very reasonable price. The best part is that we are working directly with the artisans, so they receive top dollar for their creations. This helps support the artisans and the communities where they live.