Ed Mayer and Susan Brown

Ed Mayer and Susan Brown. Eagle Condor Council Operations Avatars. We are lifelong wanderers/nomads- we have lived and worked for many years with indigenous communities in the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea to establish community managed forest and marine conservation programs. Living in Australia during the 1980’s we were introduced to the practice of Taiji and Qigong. Over the past 10 years we have studied Mount Emei Sage/Shaman style Qigong and Hidden Immortal Lineage Wudang Taiji with Master Zhongxian Wu. Currently living in Western North Carolina we like to spend our time exploring and learning about the plants, animals and spirits that inhabit forest community. Combining our knowledge of the forest environment with the practice of Qigong, we offer Earth Honoring Journeys through the seasons of the year to observe and understand the forests and ourselves from fresh perspectives. For more information see: www.the-way-of-nature.com