Caroline Padgett

Caroline Padgettteacher. healer. priestess. shaman. clairvoyant intuitive guide. spiritual counselor. writer. sacred circle keeper. dancer. creative. seer. yogini, cosmic guide. inner landscaper. divine feminine cheerleader. shadow walker. light warrior. love ambassador. mother. sister. friend. In 1998 Caroline started practicing yoga and meditation regularly, studying the chakras and energy Bio-field, bodywork and alternative health. Since then Caroline has studied, trained, mentored all over the country with master teachers and healers, shamans and priestesses, yogis, cosmic misfits, mystics, pioneers in mindfulness somatic psychology, medium and psychic gurus, and have made many pilgrimages to sacred sites nationally and internationally.

Caroline is a walker between worlds and has been since she was a child. She listens deeply and inwardly, and with clairvoyant sight views the subtle energy patterns that surround your physical body. This is called the Aura or Bio Magnetic Energy Field. She moves between the physical realm and the subtle energetic realms with ease integrating messages, and insights from the more subtle realms. She has a deep reverence of life and for the transformational journeys we choose to embark upon. She is here to help make any transition or difficulty smoother in the process. It is with her deepest gratitude that she walks this path and would love to share in the journey with you.

She has certifications in Massage Therapy, Structural Integration, Yoga in the Kundalini and Hatha Yoga traditions. She is also certified in advanced Esoteric Energy Healing and is a teacher of Esoteric Energy Healing. She is certified in Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Sound Healing with Tom Kenyon, Reiki, and Polarity Energy Balancing. She completed Level 1 Hakomi, a somatic mindfulness based psychotherapy training, a 2 year Clairvoyant Psychic program , a graduate of the Eagle Condor apprenticeship in the Andean Shamanic tradition, a mentor-ship in Nepalese Shamanism, a mentor-ship in NLP, Non-Violent Communication, mediumship training at Omega Institute, Priestess training, Ancient Wisdom Guide, and an initiate of the Magdalene Order.

Caroline has a passion for writing, travel, adventure, and being in nature is a guiding force in her life. Whether it swimming with dolphins in the sea or finding solace deep in the forest of the mountains, the energies of the natural world always help remind her of her connection to all things, seen and unseen. This is where she finds deep integration, expansion and rejuvenation.

She currently lives in the Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina with her beloved, her lucky white dragon and two fierce mountain lions (aka her big white fluffy dog and two cats).