Grandfather Tobacco Dieta and Initiation Retreat

June 21-23, 2019


with Jeff Firewalker

Participants in this retreat weekend will deepen their relationship and understanding of the Sacred Master Healing and Teacher Plant Tobacco. Used by myriad peoples of this earth since ancient times, this Teacher Plant has a multitude of qualities that aid in transformation, insight and healing. Key aspects of this retreat include:

– Dieting with Sacred Tobacco
– Building a sacred relationship with Tobacco (compacto) and other plants
– Learning to use liquid and smoked forms for healing
– Skill-building in conducting ceremony and healing with Sacred Tobacco
– Exploration of key concepts in native South American healing and cosmology

Before and after the retreat you will be provided with diet instructions and herbal preparations to help you prepare and compete the work.

This retreat is designed for people dedicated to deepening their understanding of Plant Medicine and Sacred tobacco. We recommend this weekend for those who are healthy and have a strong cardiovascular system. We don’t recommend people who are struggling with tobacco or nicotine addiction or substance abuse challenges.


Camping is free; a limited number of rooms are available for a fee (contact Jeff for more information).


Dieta friendly dinners are provided Friday and Saturday.

Pricing: $420

Limited private rooms: $40/night

Shared room: $20/night