Shea Michael O’Brien

Shea Michael O’Brien is a massage therapist, Chinese and Japanese medicine practitioner, Gong Fu Tea practitioner, and ceremonialist.

He has been submerged in the healing arts for over a decade with backgrounds in various internal alchemies the world over. An initiate in the Blue Wolf Darhad Mongolian tradition, The Egyptian School of Tet, Taoist Kunlun System, the Peleku tradition of Kauai, and the Paqokuna of the High Andes Peru, Shea is deeply moved by discovering and living how humanity has walked this earth for millennia.

The way of the Paqo, the Paqokuna, has fed his heart and integrated his knowledge and wisdom to an ever greater capacity. These earth based teachings, rooted in sacred reciprocity with the living earth and Creator, are what he aims to share with the world. A Tabaqero and Curandero in training, his heart has found a home in these old ways.

It is Shea’s passion to come together in community space to support and participate in personal and collective healing.

Shea works with clients through Chinese Medicine massage therapy, qi qong and nutrition, partnered with his background in global shamanism, to bring an inclusive approach to healing. He specializes in regulating the nervous system, trauma release support, and aims, with a less is more approach, to bring movement back into clients lives whether that be mental, emotional, physical or spiritual.