Lea Motlow is a mother, grandmother, business owner, and a woman that has been walking the Medicine Path for many years. She was gifted her medicine name 'Thunderbird Heart' in 2013 and her walk since then has been to "follow her name". She has been in healing circles with her first teacher Kedar S. Brown for many years, she has also assisted as a vision quest guide in his programs. She was called to Quest in 2014 and in October of that year quested with Animas Valley Institute for 12 days. While fasting and on her solo journey, she received a vision. The walk since then has been the calling toward that vision and what spirit is asking her to step into. 

She has received the initiation of the Nusta Karpay, Nusta Blossoming, and the Teqse Nusta's through Suzannah Tebbe Davis and Ellen Kittredge. She is a graduate of the Eagle Condor  Apprenticeship in the shamanic tradition. During this teaching, Apu Asungate started coming in and connecting with her. She went to Peru for the first time with Jeff Firewalker and Ellen Kittredge in 2017 and had many deep experiences. The last one, a calling to start Golden-threads.com. With the assistance of Alberto Fernandez Santa Cruz she brings in textiles from the areas that are in the most need and offers these items on her website and at workshops in the Asheville, NC area. Walking the path of the EagleCondor is her destiny.

She continues to work with don Beto as a teacher and became a part of his family in 2018 by becoming a godmother to his four-year-old niece, Victoria. Pachamama Peru and the Apus continue to call her forward and the vision she received on her quest while alone on the mountain in 2014 continues to unfold.

In her more traditional life she has two grown children Jonathan and Cari Ann. She has a 2-year-old grandson Caden and a one-year-old, Brennen. She loves being a "Grammy" to these two boys and her work in the other realms are to assist them in their journeys. She also owns Behavioral Health Billing, LLC., where she offers medical billing & management services to mental health providers.   

She has started offering teachings in the Greensboro area. Walking in Ayni with Pachamama with a desire to guide the ones who are called along this beautiful path of healing.