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Eagle Condor Healing Intensive


enrollment is now open!

Be initiated in one of the oldest and most sophisticated systems of sacred healing and awakening. Acquire tools and skills to live a more powerful life; learn techniques for self-healing and the healing of others; gain an understanding of the history, philosophies and spirituality of the Andes, Peru and other cultures; receive insight into how to live in greater balance with the living Earth. Each weekend we will discuss advances in Western science and cosmology and their implications about indigenous healing and wisdom traditions. Guest teachers provide context and exercises that help the participant understand similarities between some of the world’s most sophisticated healing systems. Each weekend you will be provided with hands-on exercises to safely and efficiently build your skill and capacity as a healer and earth steward.

This intensive is content rich, yet coherent. During our time together you will learn and practice over 50 exercises, techniques and journeys and receive teachings contained within 80 individual thematic ‘modules.’ Participants will be held accountable in developing a consistent practice (devoting a few hours per week on exercises, journaling and earth-honoring work). Each participant will be assigned a mentor (one of the EC Intensive teachers or a graduate of the EC program) to provide support and assistance.