Ellen Kittredge, CHC

Ellen Kittredge, CHC – is a Nutrition Counselor, Minister, Quantum Energetic Disciplines Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner. Ellen works holistically with her clients to provide healing at all levels of their being (physical, emotional, and spiritual). In her personalized sessions with her clients she combines her extensive training in nutritional healing modalities (from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the Institute for the Psychology of Eating to name just a few of her certifications), with several powerful energetic clearing techniques she’s been initiated into as a Quantum Energetic Disciplines Practitioner.

Ellen is ordained as a Minister of Walking Prayer through the Center for Sacred Studies Ministerial Training Program. The significant focus of this Training Program on indigenous and earth-based ways of healing has combined well with her extensive studies in indigenous Andean healing modalities. Over the last several years she has received several transformative initiations/rites from her teachers along the high Andes Paqokuna path, including the Pleiadian Rites, the Nusta Rites and the Hatun Karpay. In addition to co-teaching the year-long Eagle Condor Intensive, she teaches the following workshops with her colleague Suzannah Tebbe Davis – The Nusta Karpay: Healing and Awakening the Divine Feminine; The Nusta Blossoming; The Pleiades Starkeeper Rites: Remembering Your Essence and Origin.

Ellen uses healing foods, nutritional recommendations, supplements, lifestyle coaching, energy clearing techniques, spiritual counseling and a variety of other tools in her individualized approach to creating optimal health for her clients. Additionally, over the last several years, Ellen has taken over 1,000 people through her highly effective 21-Day therapeutic food-based cleansing program. Additionally, she has combined her passion for nutrition with her study of earth based healing traditions to offer a new perspective in nutrition, Shamanic Nutrition. Ellen has a deep passion for her own personal transformation, as well as that of her clients, which translates into one success story after another in her practice.

To learn more about Shamanic Nutrition, please enjoy this recent video Ellen recorded for a closed Facebook group called Sacred Empowerment Temple.