Suzannah Tebbe Davis

Suzannah Tebbe Davis is a shamanic energy medicine woman. She offers over two decades of experience with a diverse blend of mind/body/spirit wisdom teachings and Western theoretical practices, including Andean Shamanism, Somatic Therapies, Energy Medicine and Buddhist mindfulness principles. Suzannah’s work is predicated on rediscovering that place of deep listening within the body, where one’s core essence lies. It is her deep belief that in order to live an authentic life, one can and must heal the mind/body split, thus reclaiming one’s birthright, which is to live fully, mindfully, and with great joy.

Suzannah is a graduate of the Center for Healing Arts & Sciences, Sacred Centers Chakra Therapy and Four Winds Society and possesses advanced certifications in Hypnotherapy, Healing Touch and Reiki. She has a BA in psychology and has completed post-graduate work in social work. Suzannah has over twenty five years of experience as a leader in the health and human services field, advocating human rights and social justice. Through her personal spiritual practice and studies with a number of Q’ero ( Andean ) medicine men and women, Suzannah embraces a fundamental wisdom teaching of the Inka peoples; that we are born into a world of Living Energy, the Kausay Pacha, which is populated by Spirit. When we live from our hearts, we have full access to all of this living wisdom . Suzannah is honored to share these sacred teachings and ceremonies with her clients and students as a way for them to fully awaken to their Soul purpose.

Suzannah has a private practice, Your Awakened Life, based out of Asheville, North Carolina. She offers mentoring for energy medicine practitioners, workshops, retreats, land clearings, and sacred ceremonies for individuals and groups. For more information about Suzannah, please visit her at www.yourawakenedlife.net, and Your Awakened Life on Facebook