Seren Petrichor

Seren Petrichor  is an artist, mentor, shamanic practitioner and homesteader. Kin has a spiritual background in the Mormon church and grew up all over Pachamama due to his family serving in the military. He has now settled into the ancient mountains of Appalachia and loves to practice healing arts whenever they are called for.

Seren has always had deep kinship with nature and loved exploring the land and sea. He earned the rank of Eagle Scout in Guam at fifteen. Kin holds a degree in Anthropology from the University of Oklahoma. This is where he discovered his passion for sacred plants and a yearning for deeper connection to spirit. From there he gained many spirit totem allies caring for animals at zoos and aquariums. He learned to encourage and foster happiness and Love at Walt Disney World. Then how to create security and shelter with a community of volunteers through Habitat for Humanity. He then found an apprenticeship in glassblowing and a conscious hippie circus tribe in Austin, TX which led him to stepping intentionally into the universal flow. This led him to a beautiful homestead in Bat Cave, NC and joining in partnership with local priestess and therapist Justina Prenatt. Together they frequent local festivals and conscious gatherings spreading healing arts, altar craft and intentional spirituality. He then found meditation, journey work and sacred cacao medicine with Bloom Post and his first shamanic initiation. This was followed by an introduction to sacred ceremony with Jeff Firewalker. He then joined the Eagle Condor shamanic intensive learning healing arts with Jeff, Ellen and the members of the Eagle Condor sacred hoop.

Since the Eagle Condor initiation he has stepped deeper onto his medicine path. His glassblowing has evolved from functional art into channeled Source collaboration of sacred tools (and intentional functional art). Kin also heard the call from the universe to step out of his isolated glass studio and start helping out there in the world. Quite synchronistically at the same time the universe opened a residential treatment center within walking distance. So he began working/playing there as a mentor helping teenage boys recover and heal from trauma and addiction. This has allowed his spiritual gifts to emerge and given kin a quite energetic and supportive container to practice within. He started teaching them basic meditations, earth altars, journey work, lucid dreaming and Hucha Sami cycling. As part of his training at the treatment center, he was certified in Reiki energy healing. He learned quickly one of his gifts is calling in Sami and releasing Hucha. The staff has since invited kin to create formal workshops. This led to the creation of the Mindfulness, Grounding and Reciprocity workshop he will be offering in the upcoming months.