Prayer in Action by Ellen Kittredge



What a momentous year for the Eagle Condor Community! We are celebrating two significant areas of growth in 2018 - the Launching of our first Eagle Condor Council Teacher Training Program and the birth of the Eagle Condor Mystery School in the UK.

Indeed, the wings of the Eagle and the Condor are spreading ever wider than before, as we continue to follow the Prophecy that we have been called to walk with in these times of planetary change. This month we’d like to share with you a beautiful way our EC community in the UK has been putting prayer into action.

A global movement calling for real action from our governmental bodies on Climate Change has arisen. The launch of this movement, the Extinction Rebellion, took place on November 17th in London, as 5 bridges were occupied in peaceful protest, and speakers from the Global South gave voice to how climate change is affecting their indigenous communities and threatening the very ways of life that are needed to sustain a future for humans on this planet.

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In alignment with this call for a shift in consciousness, we gathered with several of our recent EC UK grads (and many others) to offer a despacho to the River Thames. Our collective prayer was for harmonization and right relationship to develop between the realm of Humanity and the realms of Nature and Spirit.

We had received guidance to work with the energy/frequency of gold for this offering, so while we were creating this prayer mandala, we had instructed the many many people around the world who couldn’t be there but wanted to contribute, to connect with the sun, drinking golden light into their hearts, thus alchemizing their body/mind/spirit with the sweet nectar of the sun, and sending out a pulse of golden light into their local waterway, until the golden light of the sun in their hearts reached around the waters of the entire globe, touching itself again on the other side, and bathing this entire planet in the frequency of Love.

And so, with wide-open hearts and sacred tears in our eyes, we knelt and prayed and created a thing of beauty in our togetherness and our remembrance that we are truly ONE family - Humanity, Nature and Spirit.

With much joy and celebration, we made our offering to the Thames, which was carried into the waters on a woven willow raft lovingly crafted by one of our EC grads. It sailed right on down to the Houses of Parliament, where it was carried back and forth on the tides for a while, till it had finished offering its prayer there, and continued on towards the sea to spread the love further.

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Later, we found these incredible words of Azul Valérie Thomé which were shared at the closing ceremony of the Extinction Rebellion.

From Azul/River Dart:

“I was on my knees sobbing by the river Dart in Devon - on 2nd Dec 2016 - this is what she said, asking me to share:

"My dear child do not worry about me, Water. I recover quickly with the song of our birds, the love of trees, with movement, moments of rest and the prayers moving around our Earth. I regain balance with your heartfelt tears, your remembered songs added to the ones of so many now. Do not focus your energy on 'Saving me’.

Something way more profound is taking place right now, listen and observe!

All of us; Soil, Water, Plants, Air, Animals and all Ancestors are Calling you Humans, to Us so we can Save your species. We know and have known for a while that you do not have much time left if you do not wake up to your birthright Belonging to Earth and come Home soon, real real soon. We keep dying, we keep Giving Away our Lives to shake you up from a deep and very long amnesia. Once you can allow the truth and quality of such Love to permeate through your traumatized being and desolate soul you will wake up from a life time of anesthesia to your immense grief and capacity for Love.

When you create containers of sacred beauty that opens your Heart to what Love truly is then you will realize with a massive Sob that you were loved all along, always have and for ever by all of Us who you think You are Saving!

You have five years as a species to Wake up, Mature and Remember in your bones that you belong to Life.”

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The prayer continues. This was just one moment in time, one prayer in action that can be remembered as a moment where something landed, something shifted, something was re-awoken. The reverberation of this day has the potential, we do think, to be remembered as a turning point in our collective consciousness...And yet it is our actions, inner and outer, in each moment of every day, that create the change.

If you are looking for a simple way to start, we might suggest that each and every time you pass a river or stream, stand by the ocean, or visit a waterfall, open your heart to the light of the sun, and offer that golden essence through you into the waters. You might just be so lucky, as one of the our distance prayer folks witnessed in his minds eye happening at the Thames by the Houses of Parliament, to see the golden spirit of the water rise up in gratitude.

A big thank you to our collaborator on this offering, Ilona Kastner, for holding the prayer of what is possible in the city of London and throughout the world, when we align with Peace and Unity in our hearts. And a deep bow of gratitude to the many many others who contributed to the prayer this day as well.

Alex Villegas