ECC Launches Elders Circle


By Linda Schaming


The Eagle-Condor Healing Intensive will see its eighth hoop start in September of this year. The tremendous influence of the program in the home communities of its graduates, especially those whose occupations involve healing arts, gives testimony to the effectiveness of the Eagle-Condor work. Graduates who are not professionally engaged in healing modalities have been no less impacted by the teachings of the Healing Intensive, though they are less likely to actively share them outside a small circle of friends. These women and men are often older, many retired, and their life experience enhances their understanding of the EC method. The skills they have learned and practiced in the Intensive have often not been utilized to the fullest.

To address this gap the Eagle-Condor Council is proud to announce the launching of the Eagle-Condor Elder Circle (ECEC).  This Circle carries a four-fold purpose:
1.     to constantly define, redefine and live out the definition of elderhood in modern society,
2.     to enrich and support Eagle-Condor Council with the collective wisdom carried by its senior graduates,
3.     to offer a means for these men and women to come together to engage in ceremony on behalf of Pachamama, the work of Eagle-Condor Council, and the students of the Healing Intensive,
4.     to provide an opportunity for the elders to meet together and support each other and the entire Council in Andean practices throughout the years, as they live, age, and die.

In service of these goals, the Elder Circle is tasked with learning, holding and performing the death despacho ceremony and death rites. An initial class to train Circle membership in these skills will be scheduled this autumn. The Circle will also lead a ceremony at the annual Reunion, and will be available to assist Council members at events. Further support will be offered via prayer, personal ceremony, and counsel for all ECCHI students and graduates. An action calendar will be provided to all Circle members as a guide to prayer support for upcoming events, such as Peru travel and Healing Intensives.

The Eagle-Condor Elder Circle will hold its first meeting at the Reunion planned for September 20, 21 and 22, 2019. All graduates of the Eagle-Condor Healing Intensive who are in good standing, and who will reach their 60th birthday by the beginning of 2020, are welcome to become founding members of the Elder Circle.

To join, or for further information, please contact Linda Schaming at 717-385-2557, or

jeffrey schmitt