Alex Villegas

His path as a shamanic practitioner started at the age of 17 after a very powerful religious experience pulled him out of suicidal depression and awoke an undying hunger for spiritual understanding and for being of service. Disillusioned with his Catholic upbringing, he looked primarily to the Eastern traditions and studied Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism, and Zen before turning to nature mysticism of the Americas.

Fourteen years after his first awakening, after having lived through the near-death experience of his love and life partner, Desiree Saltkill (during which he had a transformative encounter with an angelic being) he was called to deepen his practice and began studying under mystics Suzanne Winterton and later Janet Sussman. Seeking traditional training in the South American shamanic arts, he apprenticed under Dave Metz, Ellen Kittredge, and Jeff Firewalker in the Peruvian traditions of Pachakuti Mesa and Eagle Condor Council. In recent years he’s begun his walk using tobacco as a sacred healing plant under the tutelage of Jeff Firewalker and Prajna Ginty. 

He has been a bodybuilder and martial artist for over 28 years and physical training is an important element of his spiritual practice as his approach incorporates aspects of mental, emotional, and subtle-energy disciplines. He previously served as a Search and Rescue Specialist in the Georgia State Defense Force, Medical Battalion (CBRNE Unit) — a volunteer branch of the military that provides safety and emergency response to the citizens of Georgia. His tactical training and protective nature led him to also work as an Executive Protection Officer in a private security detail where he was a part of an elite team led by ex-special forces operatives.